Live Video Group Chat Interface

Once you enter a Live Video Group Meeting, you'll discover several settings and options integrated into the interface for easy access. To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the interface before entering your Focus Group. Below you'll discover each of the settings and options in detail!

1. Participant Menu

This is where you can see everyone in the meeting and their status (whether they are a host or another participant). You can click on anyone’s name to at (@) mention them in the chat. By clicking on a host’s name, you can also send them a private message. 

2. Having Issues?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties during a live meeting, click on Having Issues? to launch troubleshooting procedures. You can choose between refreshing your page to rejoin the meeting or running a System Check to diagnose the issue. 

3. Performance Profile

People's experience may vary based on their device and available bandwidth. If your bandwidth is low, some videos may be paused automatically to allow the active speaker to be clearly featured. 
If you see a few videos, despite everyone sharing their cameras, it indicates that your web browser is struggling to load all the videos simultaneously. When a video is paused to save bandwidth, it is shown with an icon and will not interrupt the person's audio.
As a Participant in the chat, you can improve performance in one of two ways:
  • Switch to the Spotlight Mode as it is less demanding
  • Select a lower Performance Profile to reduce the number of videos shown at once
There are four Performance Profiles available:
  • Low (4 videos shows at once): Default for those on mobile devices (iOS or Android)
  • Medium (9 videos shown at once): Default for Participants using Apple macOS
  • High (16 videos shown at once): Default for Admins on any platform and for Participants on Windows
  • Full (25 videos shown at once): This profile is never selected by default but can be enabled by those that feel confident they have a strong internet connection and a computer that can handle more intense video processing.

4. View

During a Live Group Chat meeting with video, you can choose between two Viewing Modes; Gallery and Spotlight. The View Menu allows you to toggle Modes and will appear in the top-right corner. If you are using a mobile device, you will start in Spotlight Mode but can swipe right to view the Gallery.

5. Microphone

This button can be used to toggle your microphone on and off, or to change your audio input device.

6. Camera

This button can be used to toggle your camera on and off during the meeting. If your setup has multiple webcams, this button will also allow you to change which camera you are using.

7. Chat

The meeting chat toggle can be used to open or close the chat. When the text-chat area is hidden, the icon will indicate when someone else is typing and when a new unread message has been sent.

8. Exit

This button can be used to exit the meeting. Exiting the meeting will only impact you, as the meeting will continue to run in your absence. So long as the meeting has been ended by the Host, you are welcome to rejoin the meeting.

9. Meeting Chat Window

The meeting chat can be used to communicate in writing with the Host(s), other Participants and to view prepared content posted by Host(s). The chat window will automatically open on the right side of your screen. You can use the pushpin icon in the upper right hand corner of the window to pop out the chat in a floating window (the same icon can be used to snap the chat back to the right as well).
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