How to use Live Chat

So you've been asked to participate in a Live Group Chat? Here's what you need to know. 

Joining a Live Group Chat

You can access a Live Group Chat from the Activities tab or the Home Page by clicking on the Activity card. The Activity card contains the following information:
  • The name of the Activity
  • The start and end time
  • A calendar icon that you can use to add the Live Chat to your Google, Yahoo, Live, or iCal calendar to ensure you do not miss the chat.
Once you have clicked on the Activity card, you will then be able to see a description for the Activity and again will have the option to add the Live Group Chat to your calendar. If the Live Group Chat has started you will be able to join it by selecting Enter Activity

How to Participate

Your contributions will appear on the right side of the chat window, while everyone elses will appear on the left side. Moderator(s) names will appear in gold and they will have a gold ring around their photo. 
Your Moderator(s) (and potentially other participants) will ask you questions through the chat that you can respond to by typing out your response. When typing out your response, you will have the opportunity to select whether you would like your response to be visible to other participants or just the Moderator(s). You can also use the emoji icon next to the send button to add emojis to your response at any time.
In some instances you may be asked a Poll question, and can make your selection simply by clicking on your choice. 

Exiting a Live Group Chat

If you choose or need to exit the Activity at any point, you can do so by selecting the X option in the top right corner of the page. Simply select Exit from the popup that appears and you will be removed from the Chat. 
You can enter the chat again at any point (as long as it is still open) by selecting Enter Activity from the Activity page. 
Once the chat has ended, the Activity will be considered complete and you will no longer be able to join. 
If you have questions about the Live Group Chat Activity, contact your Moderator(s) for more information!
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