System Check for Live Video Activities

To ensure you have a smooth experience participating in any Live Video Activities, we recommend visiting the entry page of your Live Video Activity several minutes before the scheduled start time to perform a System Check. The System Check will test your audio/video devices, browser support in addition to network connectivity. 

Clicking on the System Check button will open a new window or tab and will test the following:

  • Device Setup (Browser Support, Video Test, Audio Test)
    • If you have not already enabled permissions, you will be presented with a Request Permissions button. Clicking on this will open a pop-up modal or window requesting access to your camera and microphone devices. Recollective will require access to these devices for the System Check.
    • If you have previously blocked access to your devices, you can re-enable these permissions through your browser, or within your system settings and perform the System Check again. Click here for more information on enabling permissions. 
  • Connectivity 
  • Performance (Expected video and audio streaming performance)

Once the System Check is complete, you’ll be able to view the overall test results. If all tests are successful and are indicated with a green check mark, you can close the window to take part in your Live Video Activity. 

If you experience any issues during the System Check, you can download your report and send it to any Moderator or Analyst on your Site to troubleshoot. 

Click here to learn more about contacting support. 

Please note that the System Check feature is specific to the browser and device being tested. You’ll want to ensure you perform the  System Check using the same browser and device that you will join your meeting with. 
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