Troubleshooting Live Video Activities

Joining a live video meeting (group chat or interview) only requires a modern web browser and a reliable Internet connection. No additional software or browser extension is required. 

Note that the system requirements for live video differ from the general system requirements for accessing Recollective.


In order to participate in a live video meeting, you will need to grant permission for Recollective to access your camera and microphone. In most cases, you will be shown a request the first time such access is requested by Recollective. If you do not see the request, or you previously blocked such access, this article will guide you on how to restore those settings:

System Check

We highly recommend logging into Recollective several minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your meeting so that you can complete a System Check. The System Check allows you to verify that your camera and microphone are working and that your connection is stable before you join the live Activity!


If you are accessing Recollective from a network with a strict firewall, it's possible that the firewall may be actively blocking WebSockets (which are required for Live Video Activities). If you see the error message below on the Activity Overview or Meeting Entry page, you will need to use a different network or device:

Troubleshooting in the Moment

Even when all appropriate preemptive measures have been taken, audio and video issues can still occur. If you are unable to see or hear your Host, we recommend opening the text chat window at the bottom of the screen and sending them a message. Your Host will provide further directions.

These are some of the troubleshooting tips your Host might suggest you try:
  1. Closing you browser entirely
  2. Restarting the browser
  3. Returning to Recollective and re-entering the meeting
Restarting the web browser will solve most audio and video issues. If a browser restart does not solve the issue:
  1. Try an alternate browser
  2. Try an alternate device
  3. Try an alternate network connection

Audio and Video Quality

The quality of live video meetings largely depends on the users network connection/strength. Even if you have a high speed connection, the more devices that are on that Wifi network, the slower/worse the connection is going to be. If the issue in the meeting is poor quality, try an alternate network connection.

Other Technical Tips

  • If you have time, close your browser window and open a new browser window before the chat.
  • Try to have as few browser windows open as possible during the chat or meeting. Turn off or disconnect devices on your network that are using bandwidth, and stop any ongoing downloads
  • If your WiFi router allows you the option of choosing between a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connection, go with 5 GHz (this option has a shorter range so you may need to set up closer to your router, but the connection is stronger).
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