Reviewing Responses

Response Visibility

When an Activity is socialized, you will be able to review responses from other participants and they will be able to review your responses as well. When an Activity is private, all participants will only be able to view their own responses. If you are not sure whether an Activity is private or not, you can contact your Moderator(s) for more information.

Viewing Responses

There are a few different spaces within a study where you can review responses. Each of these methods allows you to view any probes, comments, and / or ratings on the responses you are reviewing as well.

Activity Response Stream

Generally speaking, you will be redirected to an Activity Response stream upon completion of an Activity, but there are some cases where you may be redirected elsewhere. You can access the Response stream of a specific Activity at any time by navigating to the Activities tab, filtering on Done, and selecting the Activity you would like to review.

While on the Activity Response Stream you can filter on specific Tasks, toggle between your own responses and all responses, as well as view photo / video submissions and word clouds.

Summary Tab

If the Summary tab is enabled, you can click on the Summary tab to review all responses that are visible to you in a single space.

Response Stream

You can click on View Responses on the Activities tab to review all responses that are visible to you in a single space.

Your Profile

You can access your profile at any time to view all of your own responses. Simply click on your profile photo in the upper righthand corner and select My Profile

You have the option to filter by Activities, Discussions, Comments, or even posts that have been rated by other participants.

Comments & Ratings

You are able to comment on any responses that are visible to you by selecting Comment below the response. If ratings are enabled, you will also be able to provide Like and/or Dislike ratings.
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