Glossary of Terms

Account Settings

The area of the site where you can view and make changes to your Account information. Some fields may be editable while others may be locked.


An Activity is a collection of Tasks for you to complete. You may have one or many Activities to complete as part of your Study.

Activities Tab

The area that houses the Activities within the Study that you are assigned to.


You might see archived Activities or Discussions within the Study that you are assigned to. These happened previously and are now closed for new responses or comments.

Discussions Tab

If there are Discussion Topics in your study, this is where they will be housed.

Discussion Topics

A thread style conversation that can receive replies, comments and ratings.

Home Tab

The area that will typically welcome you to the Study and provide you with any necessary information or updates, such as introductions from your Moderator(s).


Logging out will end your current session.


Direct, private exchanges between you and your Moderator(s). If you have questions about your participation or run into any issues using the site, you can message your Moderator(s) for support.


The person or people managing your study. You can reach out to your Moderator(s) if you need help at any point, or have any questions.

My Profile

A Summary of your personal contributions so far.


Updates you receive within the platform about events in the Study that you are assigned to. If you see a red dot next to the Bell icon, you have unread notifications!

Summary Tab

The Summary, sometimes called Summary Stream, is a newsfeed of all the contributions being made. If you are in a social Study, you will be able to view and interact with other participants responses, and they will be able to view and interact with yours.


The different questions that make up an Activity.


A unique identifying name for your account. This may be assigned for you ahead of time, or, you may be asked to create it or change it yourself upon logging in.

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