Adding a Profile Photo

If you do nothing, you will appear as the first letter of your name (or username). To add a more personal touch, why not add a profile photo? Simply head over to your Account Settings page to add your photo.

Use Your Webcam or Device

You can upload an existing photo or select Use Webcam to capture a new photo of yourself. If you're on a mobile device, you can use the device's camera as well. When you're asked to select an existing photo from your camera roll, you also get the opportunity to take a new one.

Perfecting Your Photo

Once your photo appears on the page, use the slider below the photo to control the zoom level. Next, drag the photo to reposition it within the circle. Press Save when you're done.

We recommend a tight crop of your photo (e.g. only your head) as your photo will be quite small throughout the site.
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