Editing a Submitted Response

As you progress through each of the Activities in your study, you may run into situations where you’d like to adjust one of the responses you provided. For example, maybe you misinterpreted the question, or maybe you’d like to add additional details. No matter the case, making changes to a Task Response is entirely possible with Recollective! 
The steps required to change a Task Response will differ depending on whether or not you have completed the Activity. 

When the Activity is ‘In Progress’ 

In cases where you would like to update a Task Response in an Activity that you are currently in the process of completing, you can do so by selecting the ‘ Back’ button until you find the response you’d like to change. Once you have adjusted your response, you can select ‘ Next’ until you have reached the section you have not yet completed. 

When the Activity is ‘Completed’ 

In cases where you would like to update a Task Response in an Activity that you have already completed, you must contact your Moderator and request that they Reject the existing task response. 
You can contact your Moderator by clicking the Messages Icon located in the top right corner of your screen.. When messaging the Moderator, make sure to include the following information: 
  • The Activity containing your Response
  • The Name of the Task you would like to update
  • A request that they Reject your response
  • An Explanation as to why you need the Task Rejected

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