Joining a live video meeting

Joining a live video meeting (group chat or interview) requires only a modern web browser and a reliable Internet connection. No additional software or browser extension is required.

Before Joining Your Meeting

We recommend using the System Check to verify your audio and video devices are working correctly and your network connection is stable. 

You may need to enable camera and microphone permissions in your web browser or on your device. In most cases, your browser will automatically show you a request to do so as part of the System Check.

Supported Browsers

The following browsers support live video meetings: 

Desktop Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari (Version 12.1 or higher)
  • Microsoft Edge (Version 80 or higher)

Apple iOS Devices*

  • Safari for iOS (Version 12.1 or higher)

Android Devices*

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

* Screen sharing during a live meeting is only supported in desktop browsers.

Minimum Bandwidth

To transmit and receive live video, we recommend a download and upload speed of at least  1.5 Mbps. This minimum increases to 4 Mbps if screen sharing features will be in use. An ideal connection speed would be 8 Mbps or higher. You can test your internet connection with or

Troubleshooting Tips

If you find that you are unable to see or hear either the Host or the other participants, you should:

  • Close your browser entirely
  • Restart your browser
  • Return to Recollective and re-enter the meeting

Restarting the web browser will solve most audio and video issues. If a browser restart does not solve the issue, you should:

  • Try an alternate browser
  • Try an alternate device
  • Try an alternate network connection

Other Technical Tips

  • If you have time, close your browser window and open a new browser window before the chat.
  • Try to have as few browser windows open as possible during the chat or meeting. Turn off or disconnect devices on your network that are using bandwidth, and stop any ongoing downloads
  • The quality of live video meetings largely depends on the users network connection/strength. Even if you have a high speed connection, the more devices that are on that Wifi network, the slower/worse the connection is going to be. If the issue in the meeting is poor quality, you should try an alternate network connection, or reduce the device load on your current network if possible.
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