Screen Recording Instructions

Browser Requirements

Screen recording in Recollective makes use of a built-in capability of modern web browsers to capture a screen, not unlike a browser's ability to connect with the computer's webcam.
Not all browsers support screen sharing but support is increasing. Three major browsers are currently available on all platforms which do offer support:
  • Google Chrome - Version 72 (January 2019) or later
  • Mozilla Firefox - Version 66 (March 2019) or later
  • Microsoft Edge - Version 80 (November 2019) or later

Task Completion

When responding to a Multimedia Task with Screen Recording enabled, a Record Screen option will appear like the one below:

If you are using an unsupported browser, a warning will appear with links to the supported browsers.

Once Record Screen is selected, you will either see a Get Started button, or the recorder will be immediately be loaded in the page. If you see the Get Started button, you can select it to be open an external URL in a new tab, and the recorder will then be loaded.

Once the recorder has been loaded, the browser will ask you to select a screen, application or browser tab to share. If you had selected the Get Started button, you will need to select your current tab or browser. You may be prompted to provide access to your microphone as well. You can review our Enabling Camera, Microphone, & Screen Access article for more information.

Pressing the Share button will start the recording. 

Once the screen recording has been completed, you must stop the recording by pressing the red stop button or by stopping the screen share using the controls for the specific browser that you are using.

Stopping a screen share in Google Chrome

Once stopped, the recording will be saved automatically. Upon saving the recording, the video will be processed for playback. At this point, you can safely move on to submit an additional recording or proceed to the next Task.

The recorded video will appear once it is processed if you wait for the processing to be completed (although this is not required).

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